Now that the dollar dance was over, it was time to really let loose and get down. Our DJ cranked the music and played all of our favorites to get the guests up on the floor. From this point on, the floor was never empty until it was time to leave:

Can you guess what song was playing?


Mr. D rocked it out with his aunt.


The girls took advantage of our open bar.


I danced to “We are family” with all of the fantastic women in my life (yes, my Aunt is wearing slippers on the dance floor…she don’t play around when it comes to grooving.)


Mr. D and I took a quick break from the hot dance floor to do a shot with our friends. Don’t you love Mr. D’s face?

And as the floor really began to rock, our DJ George took a moment to turn one of our must play songs into a little game among the guests. Mr. D and I are both Iowa State fans, so it was a must that “Sweet Caroline” was played during the reception (it’s played after our wins during the football season).

George had us divide the dance floor between men and women:


And during the chorus there is a part where people fill in with a chant (it will be in parentheses). It goes:

“Sweet Caroline (BUM BUM BUM),

Good times never felt so good (SO GOOD, SO GOOD),

I’ve been inclined (BUM BUM BUM)…”

So George had the men take the “BUM BUM BUM” part and the women take the “SO GOOD, SO GOOD” part. Then he would judge who was the loudest:





Just in case you were wondering…the women totally won. Once we had that title of being awesome, it was time for us to get back to dancing and having a good time. What better way to do that than to do a circle dance to “Jump on it” by Apache?



I stole away from the dance floor to take a picture with my adorable niece:


And returned just in time to teach everyone how to Dougie (don’t be jealous of my moves or my duckface).


As the night was winding down, I made sure that two things happened. One, that I got down with my ladies to “Baby Got Back”:


And that our last song (like I’m sure so many people before us) was Journey “Midnight Train.”

Because at that point, everyone was on the dance floor belting it out and our photographer had left, there are no pictures of this glorious event. Take my word for it though; it was awesome to be surrounded by those people belting it out.

And with that, the Doily wedding was officially over.

Yes, we totally went through an entire keg and all of their White infendal. Which is amazing considered it was a 100 person wedding.

All photos without *’s are from An Unforgettable Memory Photography..

UP NEXT: We weren’t quite done partying yet.