Almost all of our wedding guests and all of our wedding party were all staying at the same hotel. This just happened to have a bar attached to it. Naturally an after party was going to happen. And naturally, all I have to show you are a lot of fuzzy cell phone pictures of the event. A lot of our guests used the free shuttle service to and from the hotel that we had set up, so most of our guests and wedding party were there before us. We entered into a round of applause, both from our guests and from the patrons of the bar. We got another round of congratulations and another round of drinks:


I’m unsure of why GM C looks so concerned and why MOH A is duckfacing, but I do know that they are both awesome.


While BM Sister changed, the rest of us kept it classy and stayed in dress. This could also be because I somehow forgot to pack a bag for myself and Mr. D so we had nothing to change into. MOH A totally had to run to our apartment and bring us clothes the next morning. Yeah…go me.


BM S somehow ended up with Sign Dude’s little bowtie. I’m not sure how it happened, only that it did.


GM J and BM D totally busted out the pool game. They were the only two that played however. The rest of us were content to just watch and drink.


And once again MIL D looks super unhappy, but I promise you she was not. She was seriously overjoyed at us getting married.

Shortly after this, we all went to one of the GM’s room and hung out until about 2 in the morning when Mr. D and I finally retired to our honeymoon suite. It had been a long and glorious day, the best day in my life so far.

UP NEXT: It’s in the details.

All photos are personal.