I’m so freaking excited for this particular post! This has always been one of my favorite recap posts of other bees, so I’m so ecstatic to finally be sharing mine!

So let’s start with the ceremony details:


This is the backdrop that I created out of coffee filters, poster board, bamboo skewers, and ribbon. It only took me about two hours start to finish creating them and I love the texture they gave the black curtains.



We scrapped our original plan of doing a chalkboard program once we remembered that our church had a large screen for projections. Instead we created our program on a PowerPoint that changed slides every 20 seconds or so.


These are the ribbon wands that MOH A, BM S, and I spend a whole weekend creating. People waved them as we kissed, as we left the church, and to make us kiss during the reception. I loved these things! I still have some that I now use as kitty toys.


I hand crafted all of our white peony bouquets out of coffee filters using this tutorial by Michella Marie. It was pretty simple and I did it over several week s so it wasn’t overwhelming.


Attached to my bouquet was my doily moniker charm that I mod-podged a picture of my father onto. This charm now hangs on my keychain and I get to have two of my favorite things with me every day: The hive and my father. The brooch was my great-great-great grandmothers. It was given to me by my grandmother the night before the wedding.


We tied a yellow ribbon and placed a Bible in the chair my brother would have sat if he had been in the US. The yellow ribbon was to signify our wish for my brother to return from war safely, and the Bible was for our faith in God that it would happen.


And a close up of our rings.

Next is the Reception details:


The cupcake table. We made all of the cupcakes on the table and I made all of the signs, the cake topper, and the decoration on the cupcake stand (See the doilies!!):



The memorial table:



I made the candles by tracing the person’s name on vellum, attaching that onto the candle and putting a little ribbon on it to tie it all in.


We also included a little poem and placed the favors on the memorial table. Instead of doing seed packets like I originally envisioned, we went with white bracelets with the phrase “A Breath for Life” on them.


Our centerpieces consisted of candles, coffee filter flowers on different milk glass vases, on top of vintage books. The chargers/placecards were doilies with the person’s name on it (those bad boys took me months!).


I also made trifolds that contained the table number, an I Spy game, and the menu.


This is what it looked more like with the lights down. I wanted a soft romantic look at the tables, and we also had the room washed in blue backlights.


This is what the table looked like upon entering the space.


We did our seating chart on a piece of navy foam board, we printed the names of the those at the table in a vintage boarder and I hand wrote the table number and the “Dayton” at the top in silver marker. The card box was a box that looked like a large vintage book with the doily bunting added by me. The markers for the guestbook pages were in a vintage tea can that I picked up at an antique shop years ago. The welcome sign was one of my first DIY’s for the wedding and now sits in our entryway.

Finally, I tied my borrowed bees onto my hair flower that I wore for the reception. I wanted them near me on the day of and knew that my bouquet would just sit in a vase. After I was done with these, they went onward to Mrs. Dalmatian!Dayton-2012-312-L

And that, my dear friends, are the details of our day. I loved the way that everything turned out and it was so completely Mr. D and I. Everyone said that they could tell how much time and love was put into planning our day and that it was the most beautiful wedding they had ever been to. It warmed my heart that people saw this.

UP NEXT: Our budget breakdown.

All photos that are watermarked are from An Unforgettable Memory Photography, the rest are guest and personal photos.