Mr. D and I knew that we were going to pay for the wedding ourselves. So when we set an initial budget, we were shooting for 10k. So how close did we get? Well, let’s find out!


Mrs. Doily


Dress (including bustle, undergarments, and tax- no alterations were needed.): $1309


Earrings: $54.60

Bracelet: Gifted

Necklace: Borrowed

Veil: Borrowed

Shoes (Both the heels and the Tom’s): $87.54

Hair Flower: $5.78


Hair and make-up (trial and tip for both included): $180

Manicure: $50

Mr. D:

 Dayton {2012}-395-X2

Tux: Free rental

Shoes: Converse $65

Haircut: $25

ATTIRE TOTAL: $1732.70


Dayton {2012}-204-X2

Site rental (including DOC, rehearsal, cleanup, sound technician): $350

Pre-marital counseling: $50 gift given to the couple that counseled us

Ceremony décor (backdrop, reserved signs): $8

Ceremony Music: $24

Ribbon wands: $32.40

Flowers (including all bouquets, mother/grandmother pins, boutonnieres, Sign Dude’s sign, and flower girl’s pomander): $43.67





Site rental

This included our catering, sparkly backdrop, cake table backdrop, white linens, and open wine and beer bar: $3477.35



Milk Glass and vintage books: Borrowed from Mr. D’s mother’s antique shop

Coffee Filter half-pomander “flowers”- $22.73

Doily Chargers/Placecards: $18.45

Candles (including votive holder and 8-hour long-lasting tea candle): 66.98

Linens: (including 110 white chair covers, 110 apple green sashes, 11 navy blue tablecloths, 5 navy satin runners) $426.29

Tablescape Total: 534.45 (another way of looking of it is $44.54 per table)

Guest Welcome Table


Seating Chart: $5

Welcome sign: $1.60

Tea tin: I had owned it for years

Cardbox: $12.43

Green box for guestbook pages: $2.50

Ink to print guestbook pages: $18.99

Markers for guestbook pages: $12.50

Welcome table total: $53.02

Cupcake Table:



Price of cupcake batter supplies, frosting, and decoration: $28.39

Price of cupcake liners: $15.79

Cupcake tower: given to us by a friend

Cake topper: $8.45

Pictures: I made the designs and printed them myself, the frames cost $6.68.

The linens and backdrop were included in site rental and the candles were included in the price of the tablescapes.

Cupcake Table Total: $58.89

Memory Table (including favors)



Assorted frames: $7.34

Candles: $8.24 (this includes the vellum, but not the ribbon, as that was part of the purchase in flowers)

Customized rubber bracelets (200 of them): $53.44

Basket for bracelets: $2.63

Runner is included in price of linens above.

Total Memory Table Cost: $71.65


Dayton {2012}-424-X2


This includes the price for 7 hours of music, a light show, and our blue uplighting


Paper Products:

Invitations (this includes the base invites, the stamps and the ink for printing them): $81.55

Save-the-dates: $18

Thank you cards: $45.56


Miscellaneous Wedding Purchases:

Rehearsal Dinner: $512.84

Rings: $364.29

Wedding party gifts: $312

Marriage License: $35

Photographer (included: engagement sessions, 10 hours on wedding day, wedding album, $500 print credit, DVD of all images) : $2195

Flipcams: $185.73

Hotel room for wedding night: gifted to us by family

MISC TOTAL: $3604.86


Which brings us to the final tally…..drumroll please (bum bum bum bum bum bum)


We managed to only go over by $1, 036.10. As we got closer, we realized that were going to be able to pay for the wedding with no problem and added things to our budget (like chair covers and the backdrops at the reception site). I am extremely proud that we managed to stick so close to our budget and get everything we wanted out of our day. It really was the perfect day and I often think back of it in extreme fondness. It’s a day that I will remember forever and always.

I’m a little sad to say it, but also a bit relieved (recaps can take a lot out of you! ;), but that is it for the Doily wedding. There is only one more thing for me to do, but I will share that for another post. Thank you so much for letting me share this journey with you!

All photos that are watermarked are from An Unforgettable Memory Photography, the rest are guest and personal photos.