It was over seventeen months ago that I was introduce as Miss Doily in my first ever post “Miss Doily is in the house.” During that time I flipped flopped over many wedding decisions, grew as a writer, and got to really get immersed in this wonderful community. I have made some lifelong friends out of board members and other bee bloggers. I have been introduced to other cultures and traditions that have only enriched my life even more. And along the way, I married my best friend and love of my life. It’s been such an incredible journey, and I still feel so blessed everyday to have been chosen to be a bee blogger. Even more so, I feel so blessed that there were people who truly enjoyed hearing Mr. D’s and I’s journey and even took some things from it.

When it comes to our wedding, there is really only one thing left to share. Mr. D and I bought flipcams shortly before the wedding to film the entire thing for his ailing grandmother who was not able to make it across the country to share our day. So we filmed everything and edited it to the best of our ability and shipped it off to her right away. She ended up passing only a few weeks after getting it, but it was a huge blessing to us and to her that she got to see it for herself.

Video link:

Mr. D’s and I’s love story has not always been an easy one, and it certainly was not this fantastic fairytale, but we definitely will get our happily ever after. We have learned that our love is important enough to fight through the hard times and to make this a forever journey. As this one particular part of our journey ends, we are beginning another one that consists of making a home and hopefully expanding the Doily brood. You can find us on our grand adventures over at my new blog, Undomestically Ever After. It probably won’t be the most interesting thing ever, but I can hopefully share some laughs and some lessons about life.

So thank you, thank you, thank you hive, for letting me a part of this wonderful community. I hope to pop back in every now and then, and will continue to be around the boards, but my time as an active blogger is over. With that, I’m leaving the building.

Forever yours,


aka Mrs. Doily