Hello hive! I just thought I would pop in and say hello! Today is Mr. D and I’s first anniversary. It’s really weird for us because we haven’t celebrated a first anniversary in almost 8 years! It’s still so completely crazy to us that we were walking down the aisle and sharing our vows to each other one year ago today. At times it has felt like time has been really slow and it was just yesterday that we got married and others it feels like it’s been forever since this happened:


Mr. D and I have been working some weird hours the last few days, so we are making a point of spending the day together doing some fun things (like catch up on our Supernatural marathon), and will be going out to dinner. Since the first anniversary gift is typically paper, I ordered this for Mr. D from  Thrift Mrs. on etsy:


It has lovingly been framed and hung on the wall. Unfortunately Mr. D’s gift to me has been delayed and was lost at one point, so I will not be getting it until next week, so I have to wait with bated breath to find out what it is and I can’t wait!

For us, this first year of marriage has been amazing and so full of love. It has been relatively calm as well, which I am thankful for! Mr. D switched jobs that has now allowed us to actually spend time together and have weekends off! I am about to make the switch from a classroom setting to a clinic setting, which will be a big adjustment for me, but I’m ready for it, especially knowing that I have Mr. D’s love and support.


Thank you again, dear hive, for allowed us to share our story with you, and for the continued support and friendships on the boards, they mean the world to me.

I can’t wait to see what forever holds for Mr. D and I (I, for one, really hope that there is little Doilies involved).